Using Competitors’ Names In Keywords

It’s perfectly acceptable in Adwords to use competitors’ names in your keywords as long as there’s no deceptive advertising copy: “Google allows advertisers to bid on competitor keywords as well as to use competitor terms in the ad text itself as long as advertisers do not make any false or inaccurate claims in their ads (from article below).”

But as you can see from the link below, things can get pretty sketchy when you use the Dynamic Keyword Insertion tool….  How about you insert the words sold-out to appear after every keyword, and that of course includes every one of your competitors, on Valentine’s day.

Even if it was a mistake, as the big flower house claims, there seems to be little protection for those hurt by this until it’s too late.  Word to the wise, monitor your search terms daily, or you might be out of inventory, even when you are not :)

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