Marketing Research

We offer a full suite of market research services, from questionnaire design to complete market research strategy development.

We’ve helped design and implement over 500 research projects in the last 25 years, from simple tracking surveys to complex quantitative and qualitative studies.  We’ll help you evaluate your overall research needs and then help you come up with a strategy and plan to meet your goals.


Why Market Research?

We know what it’s like to need information and face a plethora of “research” choices.  Many marketers will implement a survey or two, or conduct a focus group when it’s time to launch a new product.  That’s a good start, but those who really get it, realize that a market research strategy isn’t about a quick poll or sitting behind the mirror for a focus group.  It’s about getting to know your customers and then getting to know them over and over again as their wants and needs change.

David Steinberg:  “Earlier in my career I remember bringing several product design options to the CEO of a company I worked for.  I asked him: ‘What do you think?  Which one do you like?’  I remember he looked at me and simply said: ‘Who cares what I like? Which one do our customers like?’”

How many of us have pulled an all-nighter trying to tie up the loose ends of a presentation hoping that the CEO, the “exec team” or some other VP or Director would like one of the options we were about to present?  Unfortunately, most of us have left such meetings with a sigh of relief when finally given the all-important “sign off” or “go ahead” for one of those options.  Most of us know, however, that we probably just won approval from the wrong audience.  Too often, that short-lived victory will come back to haunt us if the boardroom’s approval doesn’t match our customers’ choice.

Marketing research isn’t a project, it’s a way of doing business, but it doesn’t’ have to mean over committing dollars or breaking the bank.  If you build it into everything you do, it can become part of your company’s DNA and will pay back in spades.

New technologies have made it easier than ever to collect data, which can make the process more affordable, but the three axioms of market research have remained: Sample, Questionnaire design and data analysis.

Some common pitfalls of these new lower cost research alternatives are poor survey design, selecting a totally biased sample (customers who only love your products) and perhaps most challenging, a misinterpretation of the survey results.


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