Marketing Analysis

We start with a real marketing analysis. What are you measuring today? Are you tracking down to the absolute lowest part of the waterfall? Are you measuring overall results or the incremental lift you are getting from your efforts (the true measure of success)?


The Steinberg Group: “So what’s working for you so far in your marketing efforts?”

Marketer: “Well, we do a lot of things well, but we don’t really know what’s working and what’s not working, and we’re afraid to stop anything in case it is working.”

Sound familiar?  The first step in achieving the marketing ROI you desire is to take stock of what you are currently implementing as your marketing strategy.  Marketing analysis is usually made more difficult by various entities pushing for more spend or more results.  Most of us can’t really afford marketing for marketing’s sake, so if you are running the marketing program, you should be able to defend every dollar, and ask for more when you can prove that what you are doing is working.

What about social media…  Everyone screams at you to implement a Facebook “strategy,” only to leave the important questions unanswered regarding how you will measure success.  A peer of mine said: “Likes ain’t sales,” and was he ever correct.

Our two-step plan will help you evaluate your programs and provide you with an unbiased assessment of what you are doing right and what needs some attention.

Step 1:  Review and Measure
We’ll perform a full, objective review of your marketing efforts to date. This can be as simple or as complex as needed, depending on your marketing programs.  We’ll help you understand your key metrics and show you ways in which you might already be able to mine the data you are looking for.  We understand it can be challenging to even access some of what you need (it seems like the IT teams wants you to create a “ticket” to just breathe, let alone to get access to your data).

Step 2: Evaluate

Once the heavy lifting is done, we’ll give it to you straight.  Sometimes it’s information you will be glad to hear, like, “you are getting great pricing, and your ROI seems high … Keep at it!” Other times, the view may not be so rosy (OR: “the feedback might be tougher to take”)—but it’s better to hear it from us than from your CEO or Board of Directors.

Either way, you’ll have an unbiased status report of your programs and a good baseline from which to build your marketing road map for the future.

Many clients ask if they can really afford to spend time and money on marketing analysis. “I’m trying to maximize every media dollar.  Won’t this just take away from my budget?”  After completing the process, though, most simply wonder how they’ve gone so long without it.